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About Us
Ever since its conception in 1988, D-mop has been unwaveringly dedicated to exploring unique, cutting-edge designs, advocating creative and quality collections as well as supporting new bright talents, attaining themselves the reputation of possessing the most distinctive visions on the fashion scenes around the world.
D-mop believes fashion is a lifestyle, a way of life that not only goes beyond mere consumption and the outward show but truly epitomizes the latest cultural scenes at large, namely arts, music, clubbing, design, etc. Indeed, D-mop is the first and only fashion group in Hong Kong to undertake and realize such conviction.
A close relationship with the regular clientele enables the D-mop staff to offer customized styling advice, emphasizing on the presentation of one’s individuality. For D-mop, fashion is never skin deep but a reflection of a person’s outer and inner qualities where personality and lifestyle make much difference, hence its continual ardent support to the art, music and cultural scenes and the related events and happenings.